Token Features

Introducing $ANGELZ, the first native social SPL token on the Solana blockchain.

Reward Mechanics

$ANGELZ is a reward mechanism for supporters who perform tasks such as promoting the ANGELZ brand in real life or on social media.

Redeemable Content

The tokens are redeemable for unreleased content, social experiences, coaching or even cameo-like endorsements.

Exclusive Community

Holding gives you access to an exclusive Discord community of like-minded individuals that share insider knowledge about the music industry.

Exclusive NFTs and pre-sales

$ANGELZ is the only currency accepted to mint any upcoming ANGELZ NFT collections and collections in exclusive pre-sales.

Buy, Sell or just Hold

$ANGELZ is a native Solana token and can be traded on exchanges that support SPL tokens, thus rendering it governed by the rules of the free market.

Let your voice be heard

A supporter can brag as the biggest supporter by becoming a whale or let the creator know they hate their new content by selling everything.